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What is EAIPC 

The European Association of Industrial Painting Contractors is a cooperation of National employers organisations in the field of industrial painting.

Participants are several national employers or contractors organisations for companies whose main activity is the application of surface covering, preserving, protecting, decorating, functionality enhancing or changing, organic and inorganic layer and/or layers on untreated and treated metal surfaces and concrete structures, including all required pretreatments.

Motives to start EAIPC

The motives to cooperate on an international level involved:

  • The increasing importance of European regulations;
  • Harmonisation in the area of (international) standardisation;
  • Cross-border exchange of knowledge and information in various areas.

The activities of the EAIPC focus on following issues:

  • Exchange of knowledge and information on: Training, qualification of personnel
  • Exchange of knowledge and information on: Requirements of principals/clients
  • Influence on European regulations
  • Waste reduction and treatment

The EAIPC works on these topics through working groups.


Associations of the following countries participate in EAIPC:

Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands.