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Founded: 1997

Members: 12

• GIS is represented in the board of APAC (anticorrosion insurance) since the establishment of APAC in the 60’s and plays an influential role
• Establishment and promotion of experts group, sectorcomittee that lead to certification of persons on the basis of EN12944-7.  Started in 1997,  first certificates 2006:
  - Certificate industrial painter (basis)
  - Certificate blaster
  - Certificate spray gun painter
  - Certificate metallization
• Consultations with paint industry: e.g. intumescent coatings
• In this context GIS has realized a publication by WTCB on  “Good practices” like:
  - Norms and regulations in force
  - Tests
  - Information necessary for  correct proposals (paint thickness)
  - Application
  - Control, measurement, inspection
  - Responsibilities different parties 
• Publication of the scientific centre on construction are independent and are supported by all parties and are considered as standards by  clients and governements. Indirect, deontological and “state of the art”. A working party worked on these issues for 3 years.
• GIS takes up a position as  special interest group for the sector of industrial painting contractors and functions also as a  neutral information desk.

Groupement d’Entreprises de Peintures Industrielles (GEPI)
Groepering van Industriële Schildersbedrijven (GIS)
Mr. D. Jonckheere
Jan Olieslagerslaan 35
1800 Vilvoorde
Tel: 0032 36403610
Fax: 0032 36403529